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SportsEngine Registration Now Live

09/26/2017, 8:10am CDT
By David Jones

Registration System Update

10.09.2017 Update

The Liverpool FCIA SportsEngine Account is now live. All current players must re-register here so that we can complete the process of re-building team rosters, schedules, and communication links. Questions should be direct ro LFCIA WMD Club Administrator Renita Stater at


Good morning everyone. Some background and a quick update regarding issues with the Korrio registration system. Please read and share with parents and friends within the club.

Early last spring Korrio announced (without a timetable) a merger with TeamSnap, another more prominent sports registration and team management application. Given the history and plethora of issues experienced with Korrio, the Board of Trustees we're relieved to hear the news. As everyone is aware, we partnered with Liverpool FCIA Maryland in late June. Liverpool FCIA America requires its partner club's to use SportsEngine as it registration and team management application. Given the timing of our partnership (mid-summer) and since we already had registrations, offers, and teams being created in Korrio, the club was allowed to stay wiith Korrio through the fall season, transitioning to SportsEngine in January 2018.

That is until this weekend, when unannounced, the TeamSnap/Korrio merger took place. We were not informed by Korrio in anyway that this was happening. Additionally, our understanding was that Korrio would migrate all player, team, and pertinent information to TeamSnap. Unfortunately, that did not happen either. We have been working with TeamSnap since yesterday morning to resolve the issue, and they have confirmed that Korrio did not migrate any of the above information in the transition.

So, what does all of this mean?

Initially, it is important for everyone to understand that your personally identifiable information is not at risk. Korrio simply didn't pass your's or your child's information to TeamSnap.

Secondly, the Board of Trustees has decided to move forward with SportsEngine as the new registration application for the club. Liverpool FCIA Maryland has communicated that our system should be up and running today.

Third, once we have built all programs and teams in SportsEngine, all families will need to create a new account and register for the program(s) in which their child(ren) are currently participating.

Fourth, all team coaches and managers are aware of this issue. If you have questions regarding practices, matches, or otherwise, please communicate with them directly for the time being.

Finally, we will continue to update everyone via the comments section of this post with an expectation of these issues being fully resolved as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we work to get SportsEngine up and running for everyone's benefit.

David Jones

President and Executive Trustee

Liverpool FCIA Western Maryland

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